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Foam Hands for All Occasions

Ultimate England Supporter Bundle - Saving Over £5.

Ultimate England Supporter Bundle - Saving Over £5.

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Yeehaw, Partner! Add a touch of the Wild West to your European Football Matches with this Hilarious England Foam Cowboy Hat. Made from high-quality flame-retardant foam, this hat is perfect for adults of any gender to complete their support for their team. The hat comes in classic red and white colors and features a unique design that is sure to make you stand out at any football crowd or event.

Show Your Support for your England team with this giant foam hand. Featuring the iconic St. George’s Cross and specially designed with crossed fingers for good luck and printed with “Come on England this time”. This hand is perfect for waving in the stands or at home. Made from durable flame-retardant materials, it fits comfortably like a glove on your own hand and is a must-have for any true supporter.

Point the Finger, Join the Fun, Wave the Hand with the Gladiator Foam Hands. Also known as foam fingers or foam hands with a pointing index finger, these popular props are commonly used by sports fans to show support for their favorite teams or athletes during games and events. These foam hands are often seen at various sporting events and have become iconic symbols of sports fandom.

Bundle Includes:

1 Hilarious England Foam Cowboy Hat

1 Giant Foam Hand with St. George’s Cross

1 Gladiator Foam Pointy Finger Hand

All items are made from durable, flame-retardant materials and are perfect for any England supporter. Get this bundle now for only £39.99 and cheer on your team in style!

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